The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Freelance Business on Upwork

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Landed my first job right away!

“This class made me just jump into Upwork and land my first job right away! Thanks.”

— Lucre Garino, Autónomo


Module 1: How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved

Upwork no longer accepts everyone into their freelancing platform. You have to work through their approval process and prove you’re a quality freelancer.

In this Module, I reveal how to “hack” Upwork’s approval process and get approved even if you’re brand new to freelancing and don’t have a portfolio or client history.

And, without doing anything shady that’ll get you banned.

Methods that get results

“Real world knowledge, actionable tasks, straightforward methods that get results. He helps you see the freelancing world from the clients’ perspective. Even if you are not on Upwork, this will help you in freelancing.”

— Scott Plude, Interon LLC

Module 2: How to Build a Persuasive Upwork Profile

Your profile is the most important page on Upwork. It determines how often you show up in search results and suggested freelancer lists.

It’s the one place you have to convince clients to hire you.

It’s automatically included in any bid you make on Upwork. Getting it right is crucial. In this Module, I show you how to build a profile that BOTH satisfies Upwork’s search and listing algorithms AND convinces clients to hire you.

I got immediate results

“Awesome details of every aspect of your Upwork Profile. I got immediate results from a client the first day I changed a few things applying the tips he gives.”

— Lona Taylor, Zipporah Reshel Designs

Module 3: How to Bid and Win the Best Jobs With the Best Clients

The biggest mistake you can make on Upwork is bidding on any and every job you see and playing it like it’s a numbers game. It’s not.

Instead, you want get good at finding the best jobs from the best clients to maximize your efforts.

In this Module, I’ll show you how to consistently find the best jobs, at any given time, and how to write bids that set you apart on Upwork so you get hired.

Very well put-together

“Very insightful. The course is very well put-together and helpful. It gives realistic expectations and provides a solid guideline on how to run a business on Upwork so that not only you are able to find work on Upwork but you can freelance without it.”

— Ifeanyi Igbinijesu, Quick Click Security

Module 4: How to Market Your Profile Outside of Upwork

As good as Upwork is, you don’t want to rely on it 100% to bring you work. You want to take firm control of how you get clients so you’re never 100% beholden to Upwork.

In this Module, I’ll show you how to market your profile outside of Upwork to leverage its network effects to rank up your profile and bring you clients…

While, also, building a real freelance business you can eventually take off Upwork, if you choose.

If you're serious about building a freelancing career with Upwork...

“John’s class is fantastic! It’s a thorough look into what’s required to build a strong profile in Upwork. It also covers making pitches, asking for the sale, and building trust with your potential clients. If you’re serious about building a freelancing career with Upwork and are willing to put in the work to put together a quality profile, John will give you what you need. Thank you John!”

— Daegan Stuart, Muinzer

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